Advantages and applications of the LED panel

The LED panels allow you to create modern and bright decorative environments, making them ideal to replace conventional fluorescent panels. They emit light in a uniform flow, saving up to 80% compared with conventional fluorescence, have a long life (up to 10X) and have no maintenance.
LED panel Advantages
New conceptRight now is an unknown product but will be a regular feature in any home and office shortly. The concept is simple: create a fixture that fits into the plate removable roof of any building adding high light output and low consumption.Under this concept have been developed LED panels. Luminaires are of various sizes (30 × 30, 30 × 60, 30 × 120, 60 × 60, 60 × 120) with a high power LED (at the moment we have 40W) and with direct connection to the mains ( by external) 'Driver'.Of course, with LED panels all the benefits of LED technology are obtained. Do not know them? imagine not attract insects, heat not pass because of the light or have a product lasting 20 times longer than a incandescent light, among others ... it is not bad?

LED panels 2014


No advanced electrical knowledge to install it yourself LED panel needed. And thanks to its measure 60 × 60 cm, you can place it in just a few seconds in the place where previously you had a removable roof plate (for example).In that case, the procedure can be as simple as removing the ceiling plate, attach the LED panel and place in the same place. Voilà! Your new LED panel is already installed and ready to go. Were you expecting something more complicated?, Then sorry, but it is that simple!But perhaps the destination of your panel LED is not a removable roof. It's okay, you can hang it anywhere, embed it on a display or placed on top of a cabinet ... Possibilities? Infinite!AdvantageEverything depends on the concept that has the word 'expensive'. We explained:LED panels are a product of advanced technology and a benchmark as far as lighting is concerned. LED technology is undoubtedly the future of lighting in homes, offices and public roads. In addition, the benefits gained far beyond electric savings ends meet: they are much more environmentally friendly, have a much longer shelf life and require no maintenance only.Knowing this, if we focus solely on the price difference per product, if we fall into the false appearance of expensive product. But, if you really study the product and the benefits, both economic and ecological it brings, we realize that in a short period of time, the initial investment will be covered and thus, further savings will last for many years. 

Uses and applications

Undoubtedly, LED panels, are perfectly integrated into removable roofs (offices, bathrooms ...) but its use is not limited to these purposes. Its minimum thickness and low heat generation, can be installed in virtually any location with an electrical outlet or hung from the ceiling by a few hitches.

Embedded in walls, ceilings
As a pendant luminaire
Interior cabinets
Hidden and indirect lighting

No doubt, with this highly versatile, LED panels are a revolution in the world of lighting.


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