New Led Panel

Panels of high intensity LEDs, ultra-thin, aesthetic and easy to install. Ideal for offices, schools and any workspace. LED technology helps protect the environment for its low power consumption and long life.

Led Panel

The characteristics of Led Panel are lighting LED high intensity, requires minimal mantenimineto, estimated life of 50,000 hours under normal operating conditions, No UV rays, No radiates heat, contributes to environmental protection by low energy consumption, and aesthetic Slender (only 130 mm. thick), IP50 protection, opening angle 150 °, Versatility, 3 different sizes, 300 x 300 mm. 300 x 900 mm. 600 x 600 mm.


Led Panels

The LED panel is ideal for replacing traditional fluorescent panels. With the new LED panel lighting 30X30 get up to 800 lm. . This 12w led panel only has a thickness of 12 mm.por what is aesthetically excellent and also we get a saving on your energy bill up to 70%. They are easy to install and we offer a guaranteed minimum maintenance. These LED panels are ideal for industrial factories, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges and universities. and commercial complexes.

LED panels are used in multiple places. Although they are specially designed for installation on removable roofs, those who rise, directly replacing plasterboard, we can also use them to embed them in any facility, inside cabinets in bathrooms or as a substitute for luminaires 4 fluorescent 18W that are so common in offices and offices. Furthermore, no heat release and therefore help maintain lower temperature in summer and saving in air conditioning.

These Led panels also have a duration of approximately 50,000 and accept multiencendido, making them perfect for condominiums.

Another advantage is that it uses an advanced technology called SMD3014 LED that simulates the entry of natural light, an effect that is achieved, in part, due to its opaque screen.

Installation is very simple and anyone with minimal electrical knowledge can install. All incorporate an external dirver, connected to the panel, to be connected directly to the grid, like any other lamp. To fix the roof anchors are prepared to allow installation or hanging wardrobes.

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